Positive Notes

Just a quick post today because I need to get back to work on smalls for Christmas and local shops.

A few months ago I started looking for other bloggers to follow for inspiration and feedback. Emma is a cardmaker and avid journaler and I have already learned a great deal from her posts.

She recently shared her health tracking journal. I’m not interested in taking on a data tracking project, but I was very inspired by the concept of writing something positive at the end of every day to put yourself in a good frame of mind before bed.

I have to admit that I struggle with a negative outlook and I’m trying to do better. Thanks to Emma, I’m going to start tracking something positive every day and incorporate it into a weekly blog post. I hope you’ll follow along and share some of your positive achievements and experiences.

Frances Byrd is a stay-at-home mom, community volunteer, and artist who loves all things old, living in the country and keeping chickens.



  1. Good luck with your positive thoughts tracking! I also tend to have a negative outlook, or if not negative, I struggle to see the positives and just view things as ‘meh’ so I do find thinking of something positive before bed is a useful thing to do. I’ve tried to do it in the morning where I think of something positive from the previous day to start me off on a good mood but I’d often forget small things so it’s best to do it at night, I think.

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  2. Thanks Emma. I really like this idea. I’m planning a regular Week In Review post for Monday mornings so I can start the week off right.
    I received your card this week. It’s so beautiful. My cards are not that nice yet.


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