Moving and thinking in the middle of the night.

I recently completed some work on very tight deadlines for a commission and an art show. After being under pressure for several weeks, I was feeling a little adrift in my studio. When that happens, I have learned not to beat myself up for lack of productivity, but to wander about and revisit some things that go unnoticed in the daily bustle. I also feel better if I clean, and often, move furniture.

A couple of nights ago, this resulted in me pushing everything into the center of the floor and redesigning the floor plan. Because I’m working on cards and smalls for Christmas markets and local shopping promotions, I have moved a folding table into the center of my main studio space and lined the easels against one side so I can get started on large work for shows early in 2018 after the dust settles.


As you can see, I pulled out all of the canvases and mixed media panels I had left from summer shows that didn’t get used and a huge pile of card making supplies.


As you can see, I have organized everything into one of my booth display bins so I can see my options as I get started working on project. I’m going to need to put together some text and graphics to print out for most of the mixed media, so today is looking like a computer based work day. I’m sure I’ll dive into some of this tonight.

**Thanks again to my friends at R&S Home Details and Rustiques for mounting my giant whiteboard on a frame and installing it in my studio.**


The completed work will be tucked away in a second bin under my work bench until it’s time to work on packaging and pricing. As you can see, I have the base and notes organized for the first songbird in my new series of mixed media paintings. I will be getting to work on the text and musical notes for that next.


Finally, here’s a new shot of my office space. I have been working at the table in the breakfast nook because I love the view of our front yard from the picture window. Unfortunately, I find myself thinking about garden projects instead of studio plans, so I am going to start working up here. The laptop doesn’t take up much space, is easy to pack away when I need the horizontal space for organization, and I have a view of the chicken yard and future site of my kitchen garden to take my mind off of overwhelming tasks.

Hopefully I will have a post for you tomorrow about the new songbird series and my effort to start working in my art journals again. Thanks for following me on this tour of the new, rearranged, studio space!

Frances Byrd is a stay-at-home mom, community volunteer, and artist who loves all things old, living in the country and keeping chickens.


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