Old Glory

Old Glory was created with the intention that it would find a home in a public installation or gracing the side of a barn, visible to passers-by as a reminder of the enduring principles that created our nation. It is with these ideals in mind that the artist used the utmost care in its creation, with much thought given to the quality and longevity of materials used.

The flag is constructed with 1/2” exterior grade plywood that has been framed out on 2x4s for stability and to prevent warping. It was then treated on all sides with marine grade primer and sealant to prevent water damage to the wood. The paints are exterior enamel to retain colorfastness and prevent chipping. The face of the flag was also varnished as an additional safeguard against sun and rain.

Old Glory has been out in direct sunlight and all weather conditions for over a year without any deterioration or significant change in color. It is expected to remain in this condition indefinitely. **It is recommended by the artist that the purchaser consider making an annual assessment of the mural in order to maintain its condition for generations to come. Periodic cleaning may be necessary to prevent build up of dirt and dust, particularly if installed in an urban setting. Additional applications of a clear varnish may be warranted at the owner’s discretion.**

This flag is handcrafted by Commerce artist, Frances Byrd. You can follow more of her work on Facebook @ Libertas Americana (https://www.facebook.com/LibertasAmericana/). Frances is a passionately pro-American artist whose works are often politically charged. She has developed the concept of heirloom quality works of art to express the founding ideals of our nation and to highlight her love for individualism and the rural communities that are being marginalized by the political classes. It is her hope that these works will not only become collectible, but will be passed on by her patrons to future generations of patriotic Americans who take up the torch of individual liberty for all.

In the case of works meant to hang in the public view, it is Frances’ hope that with proper hanging and maintenance, these free-standing murals and flags will stand for generations as inspiration to all who pass.

Old Glory

Enamel on Exterior Plywood

4 x 8 feet


Available in the Quinlan Center Sculpture Garden on September 25, 2017 during the first annual Unique Fine Craft Market and Silent Auction http://www.quinlanartscenter.org/unique-artisan-craft-festival.html

Frances Byrd is a stay-at-home mom, community volunteer, and artist who loves all things old, living in the country and keeping chickens.


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