I Have a Pen Pal!

My Irish Pen Pal

A couple of months ago, I started looking for other artists to follow on social media and blogs. One of the ladies I came across makes handmade cards and art journals. She also has a monthly snail mail challenge where she exchanges a small piece of art or a handmade card with one of her followers. https://puddlesidemusings.wordpress.com/2017/07/19/mammoth-card-making-session/

When she ran a promotion to qualify for her mail exchange, I signed up and hoped to get accepted. I was, and I immediately set to work on a handmade card featuring my tiny bird drawings. I was very excited to go to the post office with my first international correspondence in hand!

Last week, I received my first package from Ireland. I was extremely surprised when I opened the mailbox to find a large decorated envelope waiting for me. Now, I felt bad that I had only sent a small card. Of course that’s not the point of this exchange at all, so I quickly took it up to my studio to see what kind of goodies were inside.


It was a card making kit with some really awesome components that I wouldn’t normally seek out myself. In addition to the lovely papers – some of which I already envision turning into guineas and hens – the package contained die cut shapes, templates for making envelopes and small boxes, stickers, and vellum sheets. I think I will have several posts about the fun projects I make with these.

In fact, I plan to copy the templates for envelopes and possibly some of the die-cuts in order to use them with other papers in my stash. If you have been reading my posts for a while, you know I don’t throw anything away and I have lots of little scraps in the new mixed media closet – yes, I said closet – looking for ways to be useful.


It will be a few weeks before I post my next project going out to Ireland. Right now, I have a tight schedule getting ready for upcoming art shows and the Christmas season. I should have a post up soon about the annual Cards for Troops project I work on and you will definitely see some of these new papers featured on this year’s cards.

Frances is a stay-at-home mom, community volunteer, and artist who loves all things old, living in the country and keeping chickens.



  1. Ah, love your mixed media closet!
    And I’m glad you like the set. You get a lot of stuff in one die-cut and paper pack, I love buying them when they’re on sale (could be a problem of mine :D) I feel guilty about not using them so it’s great to hear you already have some plans for it!


    1. Thanks Emma! I don’t throw anything away and I can’t stand a mess, so I have to organize. I moved the studio recently, so having my papers and ephemera in one organized place will make them much more accessible.
      I love the papers and have already gotten some interest in cards from one of my clients who recently commissioned small paintings. I made him a Thank You card with the kit and he loved it. Thanks again for the opportunity to correspond and the lovely papers.

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      1. Well happy to hear how it’s already been put to use! Would have been a long time coming before I got a chance to do that so I definitely made the right decision in sending it one its way to you ^-^

        Liked by 1 person

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