The New Studio


Now that the arduous task of crowdfunding is over, the dust has mostly settled in the new studio and I’m back to making art, I thought it was past time to get the blog back on a regular schedule.

If you have been following me here for a while, or on social media for potentially much longer, you know I was trying to raise money to buy a building and set up a professional studio and collaborative work space on main street in my town. Although I fell far short of the funding needed to reach that goal, I was able to expand my personal studio enough to work more efficiently. It’s a temporary fix to be sure, but I feel better than I have for a long time. Thank you to my friends who made contributions to my studio expansion!

Current Studio

Previously, I was in the parlor on the ground floor of the house. Now, I have given up that beautiful room with its large windows, or rather traded it to my husband for his office, and moved into the extra room upstairs where he had his office. This room has smaller windows, but I can see my chickens from them and the pile of posts I bought to build their fenced run and enclosed kitchen garden that I plan to establish over the winter. More about that later.

This smaller room doesn’t have a closet, but rather, an attic storage room that is accessed through the door that would have opened into a closet. I guess the people who built the house needed more storage and made this expansion at some point before we came along. This adjoining room essentially doubles the space I have to work in and gives me a place with a floor I don’t have to worry about messing up for the drippy processes that often compose the underpaintings for my large canvases. Now I only have to worry about an occaisional drip on the nice laminate floors we installed to reduce allergens in the house – the upstairs rooms still had the original 1970 olive drab shag carpets !! – but canvas drop cloths manage that.


Thank goodness I’m short though, because the storage room is under the eaves of the house and even I was bonking my head until I started hanging things at intervals to catch my eye and prevent further mishaps. On the other side of this room is an unfinished attic space over the garage where I can now store extra cardboard for shipping and packing, boxes of books for mixed media (and maybe papier mache!!), reclaimed lumber, and furniture projects waiting to be painted. This space is literally a hot mess that induces fits of sneezing and profuse sweating after about five seconds, but helps immensely with efficiency, organization, and ease of access.


Consequently, I’m up and running now that I’m mostly unpacked. I have a painting on all three of my good easels and might need to find a place to squeeze in the shabby one (easel) as well. I’m working on the second of three commissions that I will write about separately, and I’m starting to blaze away on smalls for upcoming holiday events. I have a long list of shows to juggle – I’m not freaking out about that! – and so far, I’m holding it together pretty well.

Next up – regular blogging and web page updates. I hope you will follow me on this new and exciting path in my career as an artist.


Frances is a stay-at-home mom, community volunteer, and artist who loves all things old, living in the country and keeping chickens.



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