Giving Back

Photo: Glenn Pelham Foundation Charity Auction, Atlanta 2011; painting purchased by NYC Mayor Giuliani


There are a lot of things that happen behind the scenes in a community. Fundraisers are often the backbone of civic organizations’ efforts to cover operational expenses. Most people enjoy giving back to their communities by purchasing items at these events, but they might not give much thought to where an organization got the items they have purchased.
Art is a very popular item for online auctions and fund-raisingĀ  galas. Here’s a short list of some of the art I have contributed to communities where I have lived or shown my art.

Community Projects in Commerce and Beyond:

Gwinnett County Library: Art Wall Project; Public Art 2008

Patriot Pony Project: Live Painting and Art Show to Benefit Charity 2010

Layfield Golf Tournament Auction: Donation of large Liberty painting, 2010; Donation of fine art print, 2011

Art Papers Gala/Silent Auction: Donation of framed art, 2010; Donation of % of sale on a large painting, 2011

Glenn Pelham Foundation Charity Auction: Donation of large Liberty painting, 2011

Our Lady Nippon Benefit to raise money for 2011 earthquake survivors in Japan: Atlanta, Georgia; Fine Art Donation

Artbox: Cabbage Town Atlanta, Georgia; Public Art 2012

Veritas Academy Scholarship Auction: Donation of fine art print, 2012

Restoring Love Auction for Mercury One: Donation of 3 custom paintings, 2012

Take Aim at Human Trafficking: Donation of 2small custom paintings, 2014; Donation of large custom painting, 2015; Donation of large custom painting, 2016

Scarecrow Photo Booth: Seasonal Public Art, North Elm Street Commerce, Georgia 2015

Jackson County Arts Council Dancing with the Stars: Event Backdrops , 2015 and 2016

Quinlan Visual Arts Center Annual Gala: Donation of 1 oil painting and % of sales on 2 oil paintings, 2015; Donation of oil painting and % of sales on an oil painting, 2017

Quinlan Visual Arts Center Healing Through the Arts Program: Donation of mixed-media painting, 2016

Jackson County Heritage Geo Cache Trail: Public Art 2015 – Bill Anderson Box, Andrew Jackson Box, Andrew Jackson News Stand

Vision 2030 Public Art Project: Revolutionary Halo Mural 2016

Duluth Montessori School Scholarship Auction: Donation of a small painting, 2016

Jackson County Chamber of Commerce Rotary Club Auction: Donation of salvage flag, 2016

Commerce Water Walk Project: Public Art, Painted Fire Hydrant 2017

South on Broad, Commerce, Georgia: Donation of salvage flag for fund-raising, 2017; Public Mural Project, ongoing

You can learn more and support my crowdfunding campaign on Indie Go Go at this link:

Frances is a stay-at-home mom, community volunteer, and artist who loves all things old, living in the country and keeping chickens.


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