Specific Goals for the Libertas Americana Art Studio

Community-Based Goals

  • Workshops – offer classes on specific mediums and techniques
  • Cultivate Emerging Artists – offer space at low-cost to emerging artists/craftsmen to establish a professional studio space to promote their art/craft or offer workshops/classes
  • Social Events – offer open studio hours for art journaling, adult coloring, quilting, fine art, or crafting groups
  • Trunk Shows – schedule open studio art shows around city events offering space to local artists/craftsmen to display and sell their work
  • Featured Artist Events – offer display space and opening receptions for local artists/craftsmen
  • Apprenticeship Program – work with local schools and homeschool groups to offer an apprenticeship program in fine art where students trade studio work hours for instruction
  • Public Art – continue to work with the City of Commerce, Jackson County Arts Councils and local civic groups or charities to create public art
  • Lectures Series – schedule informational lectures and discussions on art techniques and cultural issues
  • Panel Discussions – offer scheduled events for artists to discuss cultural issues and community involvment in art and cultural events

Studio Goals

  • Formal Gallery – create a space for display of personal art
  • Offer Commissions – clear pricing and payment structure will be provided up front
  • Rural Art – begin series of art on rural America, igniting a discussion about the traditions and way of life in our community, importance of agricultural communities to society as a whole, and the encroachment of suburban sprawl on our rural communities and wooded areas
  • Historic Art – begin a series of work specific to the history of Commerce, defining who we are as a community and the importance of historic preservation; if possible, use documents and ephemera from our area in pieces of art
  • Prints – offer prints of limited quantity, of specific iconic works of art such as my Liberty series, works to raise awareness of Human Trafficking, and my crow series
  • Apprenticeship Program – use this mutually beneficial arrangement to increase production of small, inexpensive works, increasing availability and access to art within my community, increase social media activity in order to spread exposure of my work outside of my community, and make more efficient use of my time in the studio


Shoofly Liberty is one of my iconic paintings expressing the concept of liberty for all. The background shoofly pattern is based on quilts used to signal safe passage on the Underground Railroad for escaping slaves. It is the image I will be using for the fine art prints offered in my perks for my crowdfunding campaign.

Part of my goals for a professional studio space open to the public will be to share my passion for liberty and story telling through the arts. I want to help others find their creative voice and their personal creative expressions. My apprenticeship program and workshop goals will expose more people in my community to their own creative abilities.

Watch my promotional video and follow me on Vimeo for more about this project.

Frances is a stay-at-home mom, community volunteer, and artist who loves all things old, living in the country and keeping chickens.



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