Goals for my Crowdfunding Campaign

Previous Community Contributions:


Collaborative Workspace:

The concept of a collaborative workspace includes common work areas, shared equipment, and creative interaction between the artists and craftsmen using the space.

When I purchase a building, if space allows, I want to offer a common area where artists can collaborate and share ideas while they work on individual projects. I think big farm tables or smaller tables that can be combined to make a larger surface would be great in these public spaces.

I would like this public space to be central to the building with my personal studio space on one side and the artist’s individual spaces wrapping around at least two sides. Of course, this general concept will have to be tailored around the size and floorplan of the building I choose.

Increased Creative Interactions/Inspiration

I have worked with several groups over the years on a scaled-down concept of this kind. In art groups with weekly meetings, artists worked on their current projects, reserving time at the end of each session for critiques.

In this way, ideas are exchanged and personal obstacles are overcome. It is always helpful to have an outside view of your art, even if you disagree with the changes suggested. Personal growth comes from understanding other points of view.

Magnet Party

I recently learned a lot about teaching a workshop and community interest in classes on my artistic process when friends came over to help me get ready for a trunk show. Katie, Amanda, and April had some wonderful ideas and learned that the creative process is not exclusive to artists.

Learning Across Fields/Exposure to New Approaches and Ways of Seeing/Solving a Problem

My concept is closer to a maker space than an artist collective. I don’t want to limit use of the space to artists. I would like to invite craftsmen and artisans to work in the space and offer classes as well.

For instance, I like to build signs and paint furniture. I would really love to have someone with carpentry skills in the space, like a cabinet maker or someone who carves wood or repurposes furniture. Potters, sculptors and painters would be welcome. Metal artisans would really be an interesting addition to the space. The possibilities are limitless.

If I can acquire a space with exterior areas such as parking and open air work areas, I would love to have a blacksmith or glass blower give demos. There are a million other possibilities I haven’t thought of yet.

Increased Sense of Community

I would love for this space to become a hub for creative expression. My vision for the public spaces, workshops, and public art events is to create a community of creative people who learn from one another and expand their personal creativity through exposure to new techniques and points of view.

Distinctly Separate and Secure Spaces

I will need to develop this concept in a future post with illustrations of the floor plan and artist studio spaces. Size and quantity will be determined by the buildings available when I meet my crowdfunding goal.

I would definitely want to provide secure studio spaces for the artists so they can work separately and maintain personal supplies. I envision these cubicles having an open view by using a heavy gauge wire (something like cattle fencing) for the walls rather than traditional closed cubicles. Each space would have a door that could be locked to secure artwork and supplies when the artist/craftsman is not present.

Community Involvement

Once a track record for success is established in the space, donations of equipment and furniture can be solicited from members of the community for use in the public spaces of the building.

My goals and potential uses for the space will be outlined fully in a separate post.

Frances is a stay-at-home mom, community volunteer, and artist who loves all things old, living in the country and keeping chickens.




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