Tiny Bird Drawings

Tiny BirdsI have to say, I really love these tiny bird drawings. It seems like I never have enough opportunities to draw. For whatever reason, most people don’t consider drawings by themselves as something they would display on a wall.

I have finally started to have enough time in my studio to devote to experimenting with mixed media and that is enabling me to incorporate drawings into more complex works of art. The techniques involved in collaging various materials to a panel or canvas work very well with detailed drawings.  In this way, I am able to incorporate them into larger and more painterly pieces of art.

I recently hosted an art party where friends came over to help me make magnets. Though all of their designs were wonderful and creative, it is the compositions incorporating these tiny birds that I like the best.

As I continue to develop this concept, I will include more posts in order to share with you these wonderful tiny birds.


Tiny Birds2

Tiny Birds1



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