Jewel-Tone Birds, Work in Progress


I have been working on a new series of small paintings the last few weeks. I’m getting ready for a trunk show at a local boutique with limited display space. I also have no large work left to hang because most of my art is in various venues between Commerce and Atlanta.

Because the boutique caters to women and their fashions are seasonal, it seemed fitting for a spring show to focus on birds. This is a subject I have been trying to fit into my schedule for a while now and this show was the perfect opportunity to launch the series.

My concept has been to develop iconic songbirds as a counterpoint to the crow paintings that I have been working on for several years. While I love the crows very much, they do tend to be dark and heavily philosophical paintings. My Liberty series is ideologically oppositional, but visually, there is a disconnect between their relation to one another.

As the songbird series advances, they will become more complex. I will eventually add scenery and I have a whole concept that revolves around bird cages as well. I don’t need anything else stacked up in my studio, but I also don’t need an excuse to start collecting bird cages. I already have a pretty extensive collection of bird nests that I have found in the yard after storms.

Please check back periodically to see how this new series develops. I recently partnered with a local florist for a second trunk show at the end of June and will be designing completely new pieces for his shop. Additionally, we are discussing the possibility of small paintings and sculpture that can be incorporated into floral arrangements and wreaths. This is a new direction that I find very exciting. I hope you will as well.

SSC Trunk Show Flier

Frances Byrd is a stay-at-home mom, community volunteer, and artist who loves all things old, living in the country and keeping chickens.


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