Overwhelming Tasks


This is my day planner on any given day. I’d like to look at it and think, ‘oooh, pretty colors!” Most of the time I think, “what a nightmare!” People think being an artist is some kind of easy gig. It might be for some, but if you take your work seriously and want to treat it like a business, you’re working overtime.

I’m not complaining, though it may sound that way. I enjoy what I do. I have an overwhelming passion for creating art and sharing my skills with others. But, some days, my boss lady is a real jerk.

This week has been pretty good for scratching tasks off the multi-colored planner pages. I entered over 200 emails into my account and set up distribution lists. Emails have been sent out to local businesses, friends and family, patrons and fellow artists in the area asking for help spreading the work about my crowdfunding campaign. I’m starting to feel like I’ve gotten a handle on this big dream of mine.

This morning, I packed up new paintings, a friend’s old trunk, and some small merchandise and headed over to Southern Sister Couture to set up the vignette for my trunk show. Now that the foundation is in place, I will go back as I complete work to flesh out the display. If you live in the Athens, GA area, stop by some time to see what I have dropped off. If you’re available next Tuesday from 6-8pm, stop in for the trunk show. I will be giving calendars of my art to the first 10 people who make a purchase and art magnets will be available for people who sign up for my email list.

Thanks in advance for your support!


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