Libertas Americana Art Studio

As many of you know, I have outgrown my home studio. For the last six months, I have been working on the research and writing my story for a crowdfunding campaign. I am hoping to raise enough money to purchase a historic building downtown for a professional studio.

I would use the space to expand my studio and make it more efficient, offer workshops, cultivate local artists through trunk shows, and coordinate with other businesses and the city to establish more cultural events in our community. I have already seen a strong amount of support for this idea from business owners who are helping me spread the word, hang my art for sale in their shops, and host trunk shows to generate community interest in my campaign.

As you can see in the photo above, I am currently limited by the space I have in my home studio. The room is crammed full of art supplies, work in progress in piles and on easels, and my art desks and tables. I try to use the space as efficiently as possible, but you can see it’s a mess.


Magnet Party

Photo: My friends Amanda, Katie, and April, who gave up a Saturday night to help me make magnets for my upcoming trunk show at Southern Sister Couture in Commerce.

As you can see, I often end up working in the kitchen. When my friends came over this weekend to help me, that’s where we worked. It was funny to see other people struggling with the lack of space. When I served coffee and dessert, we had to push the work table away from the cabinets and lift the sheet under my salvage project to get to the silverware drawer! This is funny at a ladies’ night art party, but not for a working studio. 

SSC Trunk Show Flier

If you live in our area, I hope you’ll come out to the show next week to see some of the art in person.


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