Chippy Treasure!


I found this beautiful shiplap in a pile of old wood outside a friend’s house. It was destined for the dump until I showed up with a couple of new friends who helped me uncover it – along with several other treasures we’ll talk about in later posts.

One of my friends discovered a cute little turn-of-the-century cottage that she is renovating. Out back is a ramshackle building that was once the workshop of the craftsman who built the house. The folks who helped me rescue my chippy treasure are new friends I met at the local vintage car show. They are a couple who specialize in carpentry and interior design.

Before going to rescue wood, they gave me a tour of their turn-of-the-century home that is 5 years into a complete – and gorgeous renovation. If I ever get the money to drag my house out of 1970, I know who I’m going to call! The tour also included Ray’s workshop and all of his dusty treasure. I’ll have to visit again soon so I can snap some photos of their work. They deserve a full article.

Now that I have brought my wood home, stacked it in various parts of the yard, and started to scheme how to use it, I have come up with some new projects. I’m so excited about the chippy seafoam paint on the shiplap that I had to start with it. It’s a good thing too, because it turns out that old wood that isn’t pressure-treated attracts every bug for 5 miles around.

I shook off the bugs, bleached all sides of the wood and carefully scrubbed all of the boards. Old paint doesn’t like bleach. Go figure. Then I carefully, or so I thought, calculated how many panels of each size I needed to cut for my frames and headed out to my husband’s workshop. Most of the tools in there are not my friends, but I have built a pretty good rapport with the miter saw.

I quickly made my cuts, took everything back around the house into the studio, sanded rough edges and glued my new panels to the frames I had prepared with my apprentice. I had a little bit of a math fail, but that just meant another trip to the woodpile!

Chippy Panels

Now, I’m well into a couple of new projects and will have the rest of the wood framed out today so I can complete these new projects before my Trunk Show. I will come back to update the photos with completed images after the dust settles.


Completed shiplap panel getting a coat of acrylic medium to seal the beautiful chippy character.

Chippy Sign

New sign, WIP, Home Sweet Home



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