South on Broad Rummage Sale


Please join me at South on Broad this Saturday, April 15th for a Huge Rummage Sale.

There will be a wide variety of items for sale, including furniture and housewares. All money raised will be used for the facade restoration of this historic building that was formerly Commerce Printing, a hardware store, and the first automobile dealership in town.

In addition to the sale, two pieces of Libertas Americana Art will be raffled during this event. You will be able to purchase a ticket for the chance to win either a Hand of Liberty print or a folk art flag. The flag was made using trim from the old offices in the building.

Hand of Liberty

Renas Flag

I will be working on a large mural panel for one of the windows on the alley side of the building. This mural is going to be based on Olive Ann Burns’ The Cold Sassy Tree. The iconic character Miss Love will be in the foreground, with South on Broad and the train coming through town in the background. Additional details will include turkeys and sassafras leaves.

Mural SoB Layout

Mural SoB Love

Mural SoB Mainstreet

Mural SoB Train

Check back for updates on the progress of the mural.


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