Adventures with My Crazy Bird Dog

Let me introduce Malcolm Reynolds Byrd Dog. He is an English Setter. There is never a dull moment when he is awake. That crazy dog runs everywhere he goes until doggy bedtime, at which point he looks like someone threw him into his crate and slammed the door.

Malcolm Crate

Sometimes, my son is involved. He likes to pretend to ride the dog, which results in more running… and more slobber.

Avery Malcolm

Last night, I was letting Malcolm out to run. I didn’t realize there was a songbird on the porch until he snatched her out of the air. Thank goodness Malcolm has a soft mouth and follows the Drop command.

When I first picked up the titmouse, I thought she was severely damaged in some way. She was limp and gasping. She was also suspiciously alert. I carried her through the house and sat out on the front stoop, hoping she would make it.


By the time I sat down, she was clutching my finger and turning her head to look at me. I held her as she perked up, then transferred her to one of my urns so I wouldn’t hurt her if she tried to fly. Sure enough, she hopped up and started to move around. As I reached over, she flew into the cherry tree outside my studio window.

It’s such a small thing, but I was so excited. I love the birds and I always feel bad when one of the dogs or cats catches one. This one got away without a mark and I enjoyed a few moments of interaction with one of our wild things.


Check out the video of her flight back into the wild on my Vimeo Page.


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