Commerce Water Walk Project


This afternoon, I finally had a few moments to head over to City Hall. I wasn’t paying bills or answering a summons. I was painting a fire hydrant!

The City of Commerce Downtown Development Authority partnered with the Jackson County Arts Council and our Elementary School students to initiate a local Water Walk Project. This entails several local artists working with drawings from our students to paint the fire hydrants in our downtown district. This is such a fun idea and it perfectly complements the ongoing mural projects to improve the damaged facades of many of our historic buildings.


I’m pretty well known throughout the county for my Americana and flag themed primitives and fine art.


Consequently, I have been asked to paint the hydrant outside City Hall with the Commerce flag and our American flag. Now that the primer has been applied, no thanks to a stiff breeze! – I am ready to start painting the details. I will update this post as I make progress on the flags.

Look for a follow up post with a gallery of all of the hydrants on Main Street.

#PublicArt #PaintedHydrants

A stay-at-home mom, community volunteer, and artist who loves all things old, living in the country and keeping chickens.

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