Things I have learned since moving to the country

  1. I can see a lot more stars at night – mostly because it’s actually dark here
  2. Winter is not so depressing when there are colors other than grey in the landscape
  3. I no longer hate the rain and I love the fog even more than I realized
  4. I am obsessed with birds
  5. You can smell daffodils on a cool evening – this may be attributable to the large quantity of the bulbs in my neighborhood, but more certainly has to do with the lack of competing car exhaust
  6. I’m no longer concerned by the sound of gunshots, but the sound of sirens are so infrequent that they are now noticeable and alarming
  7. I love chickens just as much as I always thought I would
  8. Guinea hens have a song that is more grating than their alarm call
  9. City folk can’t tell the difference between a guinea hen and a rooster
  10. People here are nicer and this is where I belong

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