Works in Progress: Small Liberty Paintings

I am working on a new pair of Liberty paintings that will be going to China in a few weeks. They are being commissioned by a friend as gifts for two families she will be visiting.

I am excited to have paintings going so far. The last time I shipped art out of the country was a drawing of Liberty I sent to a follower in Thailand.

I am also very excited about these paintings from a creative perspective. I have been dabbling in mixed media techniques for a while now, but only recently started working out the use of cut paper in my compositions.

My apprentice has been very helpful in this process, from making stencils and templates, to gessoing canvas and putting on base layers and texturing paint. Last week, we messed around with book pages, scrapbook paper and acrylic mediums. I was very pleased with the textures we achieved, particularly when I started layering on washes.

In the past, I have been doing this kind of work on heavy mattboard or illustration board, but that requires framing. Working out how to adhere the papers to canvas opens up endless possibilities. Tomorrow, I think we may work on some larger canvases that I picked up from a friend today. I have some songbirds cut out that are too big for the small format I have been working in.

The Liberty paintings pictured here are about halfway completed. I will post another photo when they are ready to sign.

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