Commerce Heartbomb 2017

The wonders and potential of social media continue to astound me. Though I struggle to keep up and often feel like a bull in a china shop, I manage. Daily, I stumble across things I never would have been exposed to otherwise – things that expand and brighten my world beyond measure.

If you read my previous post about #MyBigDream, you will have already learned of my immediate personal connection to the story I am telling here. It goes much farther, though, than my need for a larger studio space or even than my love for historic places. It stems from the beauty of finding a community where I fit in and connections to like-minded people who not only share my dreams, but are willing to help me achieve them.

None of this may seem particularly astounding to you, but preserving our history and our roots is something that appeals to the soul for many people. That’s where the National Trust for Historic Preservation comes in; and gets us back to the point of this story.

I was surfing that rabbit hole, Facebook, for inspiration and keeping up with my friends’ activities when I stumbled across a #HeartBomb post. I immediately saw the appeal, followed the story, and ended up spending quite a while reading about other people who share this same passion for saving old places all across America. The National Trust runs a campaign in February to promote the concept of #heartbombing buildings and sites that deserve to be saved.

I was all in!

So, my friends Katie, Rena and I set off on a cold and windy day, fists full of glitter spangled paper hearts and cameras clicking up and down mainstreet Commerce. There was a lot of giggling, some chasing of wayward hearts, and a good meal at the end to plan future ways to gin up community support.

Who knows where this adventure will take us, but I’m sure it will be somewhere with hidden beauty, lots of potential, and deeper roots in our community.

From the National Trust for Historic Preservation website:
“Historic places create connections to our heritage, tell the stories of our past, and help define and distinguish our communities by building a strong sense of community.”

“[These places are] Beacons for us and those who come after – tell our stories, the stories of our communities and our lives.”

Participate in Heart Bomb @ National Trust for Historic Preservation.

#LibertasAmericanaArt  #commerceliving  #southonbroad  #Americana #MyBigDream



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